Swarthmore21 consists of community members just like you. Some of us are new to town, and others among us have lived here most of our lives. We are committed to and involved in our community as volunteers, coaches, board members, teachers, caregivers, business owners, and shoppers. Some of us work here in town, while others commute to our jobs. Some of us stay home to care for our families, and some of us are retired. Most importantly, like you, we are passionate about our town and want the best for its future.

Having grown tired of the growing number of empty retail space in town and concerned with the future prosperity of our town, we are taking action to remove what we believe is an obstacle to investment in Swarthmore by entrepreneurs, developers, and the like. To be clear, we do not believe this to be the panacea for all the challenges in our Town Center.  In fact, it could take years before we see this have substantive impact in our town, and we recognize that various other changes are necessary for our town to thrive in these modern times.  Nevertheless, we view this initiative as an important step towards progress and prosperity in Swarthmore.

As reflected in our group’s name and logo, we believe the 21st century represents a new day for Swarthmore.  New days mean new opportunity, and we think now is the time to pursue that opportunity.  We hope you will join us.