Residents – Show Your Support!

If you live in Swarthmore and are registered to vote, we need your support!

Be sure to vote during the municipal primary election on Tuesday, May 16. If you won’t be in town that day, be sure to vote absentee! Visit for detailed info on the absentee application and more. Deadline to apply for absentee ballot is Tuesday, May 9, and your ballot must be received by Friday, May 12.

We’d also love your explicit support here on this site.  Below is a list of other community residents who have already pledged their support.  Join them today by completing this simple form.

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Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for the site to reflect your submission. If you have problems with the form, please send an email to with your information and how you would like to support this initiative.

Also, if you want to help fund this campaign, please click the following link to make a donation.

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Click, download and print our flyer to show your support.

Resident Supporters

Vince Barrett
Anita Barrett
Ben Berger
Patrick Francher
Bill Furia
Billy Hodges
Mel Jurist
Dean Michelson
Linda Montgomery
Clair Oaks
Martha Perkins
Lora Pietrangelo
Will Randall
Ines Rodriguez
Andy Rosen
Carol Savery
Jon Feinberg
Jill Bennett Gaieski
Lynn Falk
Jewel Mondros
Jacqlyn Diamond
Amy Bullock
Sharon Graham
Sally Paynter
Carol A Menke
Mike Rutkowski
Michael Matotek
Tim Smith
Christopher Parsons
Gretchen Fuss
Beth Formica Bender
Laura Kosmalski
David Smuts
Mary Kadlec
A. Monica Kruse
Rick Coe
Anna Gonzales
Linda Hauck
Devin Sidell
Jean Steinke
Jennifer Meeker
Donald J. Haldeman
Herb Mondros
Amy Sill
Janet Donovan
Anne Lord
John MacCallum
Logan Grider
Linda Donnelly
Mary Laxton
Adam Cordes

Mark Fuss
Lee Seaman
David Burnette
Bruce Thomas
Jason Perkins
Gavin Stief
Peter Fritz
Michelle Midgette
Hugh MacMullan IV
Juliet Koczak
Stephen Dupont
Amy Strachan
Gordon Strachan
Ted Tuthill
Alexis Schwartz
Tim Kearney
Donna Francher
Jennifer Pfluger
Melissa Bartley
Sharon Mester
Janna Garland
Greg Garland
Sundai Valcich
Andy Rieger
Kathryn Davis
Garen Bogosian
Chris Darrell
Sean Roach
Heather Dyas-Fried
Susan Smythe
Chris Stief
Ed Shifflett
Stephen DiNardo
Angela Shaw
Anne Bubb
Craig Knauer
Patrick Holland
Tom Runiewicz
Catherine Horn
Kira Fenton Kuhn
Devin Zuczek
Joanna Carp
Erin Hosbach
Sean Mahoney
Brian Donovan
Ryan McKenna
Wendi Haldeman
Greg Hoy
Steve Laxton
Lise Reno
Michael Jarvis